Aneka Sari Restaurant (English) Restoran Aneka Sari Kelapa Gading (Indonesian version) Aneka Sari 珍香酒家 (Chinese version)

Aneka Sari Restaurant

Chinese and Indonesian meals, weddings, parties, anniversaries & catering

~~ Making occasions that involve food special ~~

Jl. Kelapa Gading Boulevard Block L No 2
Kelapa Gading Permai
North Jakarta (Jakarta Utara), INDONESIA
Tel : +62 (0)21 4509047 Fax: +62 (0)21 4532773



About Aneka Sari Restaurant

With a nice and warm unique service and atmosphere, Aneka Sari Restaurant gives you the best affordable price for Jakarta's Chinese and Indonesian food in one stop. Celebrities who came to our restaurant, have proven our superb service & food quality for years. See their signatures and testimonials when you visit us. With our cooks meticulously selected from Singapore and who have garnered international flavors and sophistication, it is no wonder why our food has an international quality. Try our chef's specialties such as the succulent Singaporean Style Crabs or the crispy Duck a laShanghai.

Aneka Sari Restaurant has 3 floors and has enough space to fit more than 500 diners when seated. The restaurant is also capable of handling 1000 persons at a time (outdoors or buffet style) and has served birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, conferences,and other celebrations. We are also serving catering to several big companies like Toyota, United Tractors, etc.


Aneka Sari Restaurant's Prime Location

If you are in a quest of finding exquisite food in Jakarta, Indonesia, Aneka Sari Restaurant will be your perfect choice. Located in the prime real estate in Jakarta, Indonesia -- the Kelapa Gading Permai --, Aneka Sari Restaurant is easy and convenient to find. Highways to Kelapa Gading Permai is available from every part of Jakarta and our restaurant is located just the opposite the famous Kelapa Gading Sports Club. Click here for Aneka Sari's street map or for Google satellite map of Aneka Sari Restaurant.

aneka sari map

What We Do

Simply put, Aneka Sari Restaurant has only one specialty: making occasions that involve food special. At Aneka Sari, when we say something about exquisite service & food quality, it means exactly that. You can call on us on virtually any event and every level of food and service. From quickly setting up the kind of premium coffee and morning bread to planning and executing a Golden Anniversary, Aneka Sari Restaurant can handle it all. So you can clinch that vital sales contract, or finally get to dance with that long-lost relative at the family reunion, secure in the knowledge that all of the culinary details of your important occasion will be meticulously tended to.


Who We Are

A success since 1992, Aneka Sari is founded by a family who ventured for gourmet food all around the world long before they intended to start this restaurant. This gastronomical experience makes it easy for them to learn how to make good food and to select good cooks. With the family's warm attitude towards others and their ability to serve good food, it is only natural for them to excel in their quest of making occasions that involve food special.


Delivery Service

Aneka Sari Restaurant, a Chinese and Indonesian food restaurant, is also capable of making a delivery right to your homes, offices or parties.
Look at Aneka Sari Restaurant's Chinese and Indonesian food menu (use a free Adobe Acrobat to view the file) and indulge yourself with what you want to eat from our restaurant.
Please call +62 (0)21 4509047 or fax +62 (0)21 4532773 to make an order or reservation. 


Reservation for Meals, Weddings, Parties, Anniversaries and Catering Services

To make an order or reservation for your wedding, parties, anniversaries or catering services, call 021-4509047, fax 021-4532773 or visit our restaurant to see the kind of services and sophistication that we offer.


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